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B-25 Pictures

Taxi out

Takeoff run


Banked turn

Complete turn

Level out


Next to Tx

Rabbit 8 Rx

Servo plug block

Engine nacelle

With P-51

P-51 Pictures

Wingtip lights

Wheels down

Wheels up

Flaps down

Flaps down

The pilot, a Rabbit 6

Best Micro Aircraft at KIEF

Retract lock

Retract lock

Retract lock

Wing controls

Wing controls

Shark Pictures

Pair of Sharks

0.495 grams

2.65" Wingspan

900MHz Rabbit

Brushless Motor

Motor at 25,000 rpm

In Flight

Original Shark

Midge Pictures



3.2" Wingspan

0.980 grams

Stripped motor

Rudder only

Ready for transport ...

... in my pocket

Maiden flight - switch on with tweezers

Lloyd ready to launch

There she goes!

Spot the plane

With lighter battery

Now weighs 0.845 grams

Mosquito Pictures

1"x0.75" Prop

Motor Housing

Like Mono4




1.3 grams

Tripe3 Pictures

Tripe3 & Pencil

Ready to launch

Tripe 3 - 3"

Wing being braced

Tripe3 Rudder

With Plantraco 900 MHz Rx

Bipe4 Pictures


With big brother

With big brother


Bipe4 Wings

Bipe4 Pieces

Tail Assembled

Bipe4 Wings On

Bipe4 on hand

Bipe4 on palm

Mono4 Pictures

Mono4 on Plan

Mono4 & Bipe4

Mono4 & Bipe4

Mono4 2.3grams

Mono4 & Mono

Mono4 & Mono

Mono4 is 4"

Mono4 Closeup

Zero Pictures

Zero on Evo

Zero on Carpet

IFO Pictures

Martin's IFO

IFO Plan

IFO over roof

IFO over trees

Tripe Pictures

Martin's Tripe

Martin's Tripe2

Martin's Tripe3

Martin's Tripe4

Bipe Pictures

Martin's Bipe

Bipe on carpet

Bipe in flight

Bipe in flight 2

Actuator detail

Tail section

Mono Pictures

Martin's Mono

Mono in Flight

Mono in Flight 2