B-25 Mitchell
1/48 Scale
8 Channels
P-51 Mustang
1/48 Scale
6 Channels
2.65", 0.495 gram
Martin's Midge
3.2", 0.98 gram
4", 1.3 gram

September, 2004

Martin's IFO was inspired by the RTF plane of similar name, only it's smaller - 7" span. I wanted to get some experience with ailerons, so an elevon plane seemed appropriate. I found this plane flies better with the more powerful 3 ohm 6mm motor, though it is quite lively with the 4.5 ohm. Switching to a lighter carbon prop, and 60 mAH battery, made it very lively.

I have had lots of fun with this plane. Most flights end in a crash, into trees, concrete paths, bushes, etc. Yet nothing has ever broken on it. I have improved my flying skills enormously with this plane. Aerobatics like loops are quite doable, though I have never got a decent roll out of it.

IFO Pictures

Martin's IFO

IFO Plan

IFO over roof

IFO over trees

IFO Video

Martin's IFO

IFO Specifications
Wingspan 7.0" (17.8 cm)
Chord 5.0" (12.7 cm)
Wing Area 32.2 sq.in (208 sq.cm)
Weight 0.36 oz (10.3 grams)
Wing Loading 1.61 oz/sq.ft (4.95 g/sq.dm)
Motor MK06-3, 6mm, 3 ohms
Gears 5.25:1 Falcon MOD 0.25
Propellor 3.0" (76mm) Folding
Battery 80mAH LiPoly
Radio JMP Combo
Antenna 1 piece 38 awg copper, 6cm + 28 turns around 5mm straw + 18cm
Actuators Homemade coil 4mm ID, 44awg, 50 ohms, 3mm x 1mm N50 Neodymium magnet
Construction Carbon Rod, mainly 0.020" (0.5 mm) and foodwrap covering (Reynolds Wrap)
Control Elevons, Throttle