B-25 Mitchell
1/48 Scale
8 Channels
P-51 Mustang
1/48 Scale
6 Channels
2.65", 0.495 gram
Martin's Midge
3.2", 0.98 gram
4", 1.3 gram

December 16, 2004

Here's "Mono4", a half-scale version of my 8" Mono, at 3.9" (10cm) wingspan and 2.3 grams, with Nick Leichty's amazing 180mg receiver, using just rudder and throttle.

After a couple of ROG's in the house I took it outside at mid-day in a very light breeze. Flew half a dozen circuits of the lawn, then a couple of figure eights. Amazingly stable. It got high enough that I mis-read which direction it was going (easy to do with a 4" transparent plane) and impaled it on a tree. Needed a ladder to get it down, but no damage, and I carried on flying.

Since then I have flown it many times, indoor and out. As long as the wind is very low it flies just like much bigger planes - very stable. In the videos it appears to be going very fast, zipping from one end of my garden to the other in seconds. In reality it was just flying fairly close to me at a modest speed. Its small size makes it appear much further away and faster than it is.

Mono4 Pictures

Mono4 on Plan

Mono4 & Bipe4

Mono4 & Bipe4

Mono4 2.3grams

Mono4 & Mono

Mono4 & Mono

Mono4 is 4"

Mono4 Closeup

Mono4 Video

Mono4 in Garden

Mono4 Specifications
Wingspan 3.7" (9.4 cm) [4" flat]
Chord 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Wing Area 5.35 sq.in (34.5 sq.cm)
Weight 0.082 oz (2.3 grams)
Wing Loading 2.21 oz/sq.ft (6.73 g/sq.dm)
Motor MK04-24, 4mm, 28 ohms
Gears 5:1 Didel MOD 0.2
Propellor 2" x 1.5" (51mm x 38mm) homemade carbon on hand-carved blank
Battery 20mAH LiPoly
Radio Leichty Micro 3 Channel, 27MHz, 180 mg
Antenna 4" Litz wire
Actuator Homemade 3mm OD, 51awg, 200 ohms, 1/16"x1/32" N45 Neodymium magnet, 35 mg
Construction Carbon Rod, mainly 0.012" (0.3 mm) and foodwrap covering (Reynolds Wrap)
Control Rudder, Throttle

Mono4 Plans
Plans in PDF format
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