B-25 Mitchell
1/48 Scale
8 Channels
P-51 Mustang
1/48 Scale
6 Channels
2.65", 0.495 gram
Martin's Midge
3.2", 0.98 gram
4", 1.3 gram

July 27, 2005

Here's the Mosquito - wing span 4" (actually 3.7"), weight 1.35 grams. It's basically my Mono4 on a diet.

One weight saver was the 4 mm, 28 ohm motor that I got down to 290 mg by replacing the motor can with a 1/64" ply and 0.010" carbon rod frame, and replacing the shaft with carbon rod. I did add back a small flux ring machined from the can - makes a huge difference to the output power. No gear box either - direct drive to a 1" x 3/4" carbon prop weighing about 20 mg, my best prop yet. Other weight savers included using a lightened PIC chip with my YAPP code on the Leichty Micro and soldering directly to the receiver. I also used 2 g/m^2 mylar - about 7 times lighter than Reynold Wrap.

The only significant design change from the Mono4 is in the vertical stab - it is swept back. The theory is that this gives a small up elevator effect from the rudder when it is deflected either way, as in a turn. Not having an identical plane to compare with, it is hard to tell whether this really works, but it does turn well. It uses a left-handed prop to keep the motor direction normal, so it tends to turn right. I need to add some left thrust.

I called it Mosquito because it sounds exactly like one in flight - that little DD prop really screams, but quietly. It flies on about half throttle.

Mosquito Pictures

1"x0.75" Prop

Motor Housing

Like Mono4




1.3 grams

Mosquito Specifications
Wingspan 3.7" (9.4 cm) [4" flat]
Chord 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Wing Area 5.35 sq.in (34.5 sq.cm)
Weight 0.046 oz (1.35 grams)
Wing Loading 1.24 oz/sq.ft (3.78 g/sq.dm)
Motor MK04-24, 4mm, 28 ohms, case removed, flux ring added, carbon shaft
Gears None - Direct Drive
Propellor 1" x 3/4" (25mm x 19mm) homemade carbon on computer-designed blank
Battery 20mAH LiPoly
Radio Leichty Micro 3 Channel, 27MHz, with lightened YAPP PIC chip
Antenna 4" Litz wire
Actuator Homemade 3mm OD, 51awg, 200 ohms, 1/16"x1/32" N45 Neodymium magnet, 35 mg
Construction Carbon Rod, mainly 0.010" (0.25 mm) and 2.2 g/m^2 mylar
Control Rudder, Throttle

Mosquito Plans
Basically the same as Mono4 with swept vertical stabilizer