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Please consider downloading the video to your local disk and viewing it from there (on Windows: right click, Save Target As ...). This reduces the load on the server if you want to see it a second time, and may give you a smoother presentation, especially if your connection is not high speed.

Shark Videos

Shark 1 - Leichty

Shark 2 - Rabbit

Midge Video

Second flight

Mono4 Video

Mono4 in Garden

Bipe4 Videos

Bipe4 in garden

Bipe4 Indoors

Zero Videos

Zero Maiden

Zero flown by Kasra

IFO Video

Martin's IFO

Tripe Videos

Martin's Tripe
Maiden Flight

Martin's Tripe
Second Flight

Bipe Video

Martin's Bipe

Mono Videos

Martin's Mono

Three Planes Together